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Seller Store Pages: donwell_sport ✉️ (11437) 99.3%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 203983367063 Location: Piscataway, New Jersey, Ebay Item: 203983367063 Smart Waterproof Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Sleep Tracker for iOS AndroidFeature:IP67 Waterproof and HD Touch Screen: This Smart Watch is IP67 certified device. It is wa Brand: DONWELL Start Time: 2022-06-07 10:20:34 End Time: 2022-12-07 10:20:34 Return Policy: Not Applicable people: Children, business, public, fashion, adults, the elderly Screen Material: UV Wristband material: Environmentally friendly silicone Packing size: 150x80x30mm/5.91x3.15x1.18in Strap style: Sporty MPN: DP1010670BK Compatible system: Fully compatible Wireless distance: 5m (inclusive)-10m (inclusive)/16.4-32.8ft Case Color: Black / Blue / Pink Function: Step count Network: No Network Operating System: Android, iOS - Apple Features: Femal Heath Function, Music Controler, Breath Training, Distance Traveled, Data Review, Calorie Monitor, Average Speed, Average Heart Rate, Alarm, Email/Messages/Call/SNS Notification, Accelerometer, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Heart Rate Monito, Blood Pressure Monitor, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Touchscreen, Waterproof, Water-Resistant,  Case Size: 1.7 inch Storage Capacity: <1GB Wearing method: Wristband Case Material: Metal Menu language: English Applicable platform: Fully compatible Brand: DONWELL Series: Smart Watch Band Color: Black / Blue / Pink Band Material: Carbon Fiber Model: Smart Wristband Compatible Operating System: Android, iOS - Apple,  Interface: USB 3.0 Operation mode: Touch

Smar Waerproof Wach Hear Rae Blood Pressure Sleep Tracker for iOS AdroidFeaure:IP67 Waerproof ad HD Touch Scree: This Smar Wach is IP67 cerified device. I is waerproof, which you ca wear o swim or do waer aciviies, bu you should o use i i ho waer or salwaer. New large ad easy o read scree feaurig a high-defiiio, 1.7iches, full-ouch scree. Adjusable scree brighess ad duraio provide a easy viewig experiece regardless of he lighig aroud you.Hear Rae/Blood Oxyge/Blood Pressure Moior: This smarwach racks your hear rae, blood pressure ad blood oxyge i a very coveie way, makig i a very good healh assisa for you.(Noe: The blood pressure & blood oxyge moiorig of his wach are for referece oly ad cao be used for medical purposes.)24 Hours Hear Rae ad Blood Pressure Moiorig: Hear rae moiorig wih a advaced PPG + ECG Sesor coiuously racks your eire day auomaically. The recordig of real-ime daa of hearbeas ca help adjus he iesiy of your workous. I deecs your blood pressure ad allows you o kow your blood pressure coveiely ad comforably.10 Spors Modes ad Auo-Sleep Tracker: 10 kids of workou modes (ruig, walkig, cyclig, hikig, sair sepper, ellipical ad so o) are suiable for your eeds ad rack real-ime seps, disace, calories bured ad hear rae. See your exercise daa i he APP. The smarwaches Auomaically rack your sleep paers bewee 00:00- 8:00 am. Upload ad aalyze your sleep paers o applicaio wih daa for deep sleep, ligh sleep hours, ad awake hours, Record deep/ligh sleep saus ad wake up ime, which help o improve sleep qualiy.Fiess Tracker of Noificaio Alers ad Muliple Fucios: This fiess wach ca syc he oificaios of calls, SMS ad oher applicaios, icludig WhasApp, Isagram ad more. The smarwach will remid you by vibraig. Alarm clock, remoe camera, fid phoe, sopwach, sedeary remider, pedomeer, se up scree ime ad oher uique fucios. All available wherever you go.Sleep Tracker: This wach Auomaically rack ad aalyze your sleep ime ad qualiy, i will show deep sleep, ligh sleep ad oal sleep ime.I ca also wake you up wih a vibraio alarm clock ha wo: disurb your family members. Begi each day wih a lovely mood!Smar Wach of Wide Compaibiliy: Suppor coec Apple Healh, Google Fi. THE APP requires iOS 8.0 & Adroid 4.4 above wih Blueooh 4.0 (Smarphoe oly, o for PC or Table). Super Log Baery Life: Jus charge your willful smar wach for 2.5hrs ad ejoy up o 7 days usage ime ad 30 days sadby allowig you o ge hrough your day wihou havig o recharge.Specificaios: Caegory Coe&bsp;Coe Descripio Mai fucios of he&bsp;wach Display 240*240 Dial&bsp; 3+1+1 Hear rae moiorig&bsp;Suppor Exercise&bsp; Sep couig, disace, calorie cosumpio&bsp; Sleep deecio Auomaic deecio Blood pressureBlood pressure maual deecio Caller/SMS coe pushig Eable swich&bsp;i APP Iformaio remider Eable swich i APP&bsp;(icomig call, SMS, Wecha, QQ, Facebook, Twier, LikedI, WhasApp, Lie, Isagram, Sapcha, Skype ad oher cell phoe applicaios)ad sedeary, alarm clock, drikig waer ad oher eve iformaio remider Alarm clock&bsp; seig&bsp;i APP,3 groups&bsp;oally, here is a swich&bsp;a&bsp;he bracele Take a picure Shake or click o ake a picure Raise wris o ligh up he scree Suppor Sysem swich 24/12 hour sysem, disace imperial meric sysem (eed APP seig) Sedeary remider Suppor (APP has a sar swich, vibraio) Sopwach Suppor Coudow imer&bsp; Suppor Fid phoe&bsp; No suppor Bracele brighess adjusme Suppor Braceles brigh scree legh adjusme 5ms-20ms Touch corol&bsp; Full ouch APP mai fucio Hear rae daa sychroizaio APP Suppor Exercise Mileage, calories Seps Sleep Toal sleep, deep ad ligh sleep ime Hisory Record Hear rae, blood pressure, sleep, exercise Alarm seig&bsp; Bracele vibraio remider (3 groups) Exercise goal seig Se arge seps SupporSuppor Laguages Chiese, Tradiioal Chiese, Eglish, Germa, Korea, Spaish, Japaese, Frech, Russia, Arabic, Ukraiia, Ialia, Poruguese Adapaio mehod Ca be used idepedely or wih mobile app Blueooh&bsp; 4.0&bsp; Suppor cell phoe versio iOS 9.0 or above Adroid 5.0 or above Baery Li-polymer baery Package Icludes:&bsp; 1X Smar Wach&bsp; 1X TPU Silicoe Srap&bsp; 1X Mageic Charger&bsp; 1X User Maual