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Seller Store Pages: dihappys ✉️ (504) 99.0%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 295270183618 Location: Monroe Township, New Jersey, Ebay Item: 295270183618 The new Hamilton Beach The Scoop Coffeemaker goes where no coffeemaker has gone before, brewing hotter, faster and better-tasting coffee than most gourmet machines out there. Its benefits don:t stop Brand: Does not apply Start Time: 2022-10-12 02:04:19 End Time: 2022-12-12 02:04:19 Return Policy: Not Brand: Does not apply Color: Silver Model: *-* Type: Filter Coffee Machine Type of Coffee Made: Cappuccino,Espresso,Espresso Macchiato,Latte Macchiato,Mocha UPC: Does not apply UPC: 313093342316 EAN: 0313093342316 ISBN: Does not apply

The ew Hamilo Beach The Scoop Coffeemaker goes where o coffeemaker has goe before, brewig hoer, faser ad beer-asig coffee ha mos gourme machies ou here. Is beefis do: sop here, his sigle-cup coffee maker uilizes he simpliciy of groud coffee ad brews a cusomizable cup quickly: a eigh-ouce cup i less ha 90 secods or a 14-ouce ravel mug i uder wo-ad-a-half miues. Aside from is versailiy i usig iexpesive coffee grouds o brew a grea-asig cup, his Hamilo Beach coffeemaker is desiged for ulra-simple preparaio i hree sraigh forward seps: scoop, place ad brew! I feaures a seel mesh scoop for filerig freshly groud coffee ad comes wih a buil-i, adjusable sad ha flips o accommodae a sadard-size cup or a aller ravel mug. All i all, his coffeemaker offers affordabiliy ad o fuss wih los of opios. There:s o eed for exra equipme or high-ech buos. Hamilo Beach The Scoop Sigle-Serve Coffee Maker, Sailess Seel wih Black Acces, Model 49981 Coss peies per cup, compared o leadig compeiors sigle-size packs Proporios coffee exacly wih sigle-serve scoop filer Brews a 8 oz. cup of coffee i less ha 90 secods Buil-i adjusable sad holds sadard-size cup ad aller ravel mugs Made of sailess seel Rus-resisa Oe seel mesh scoop filers icluded; o eed for paper filers Wide drip ray o base acs as a spill-resisa drai for excess coffee Seigs for REGULAR (auomaic drip) ad BOLD coffee Durable, sailess seel feaures esure coffeemakers logeviy Auomaically shus off afer brewig PRODUCT USES & UNIQUE FEATURES The Scoop Coffeemaker does eed pre-packaged K-Cup packs or coffee pods, which ca ge expesive, ad o o meio sale, over ime. Isead, i comes wih a mesh scoop filer ha gives users he choice of ay flavor (caramel, hazelu, vailla, ec.), ay brad ad ay sregh (Regular or Bold) pleasig o heir ase. Wheher you decide o go wih a maisream brad coffee or sroger premium-brad coffee, you eed a machie ha udersads ad quickly adaps. Use he REGULAR seig for a quick basic, auomaic drip coffee, or ge a upgrade ad choose BOLD for more fie grids, decaf or sroger flavors premium-brad coffee. No sure how much coffee o add whe brewig No worries, each scoop filer is labeled wih wo measurig lies for exac servig amous. Ad more is: ecessarily beer, i his case. Overfillig he scoop does: allow room for brewig ad waer ca overflow ad spill over, ulimaely meaig weaker coffee. Adjusig he Cup Size Before brewig, adjus he L-shaped cup res o make sure your cup is as close o he dispesig ozzle as possible. For ravel mugs, fi he cup res agais he coffeemaker ad place your mug o op of he drip ray. Ulike leadig coffeemakers wih cofusig aachmes ad high-ech buos, The Scoop Coffeemaker has oly hree removable pars: a scoop filer, a secodary filer ad a cup res ad all are dishwasher safe. For cosise rouble-free maieace, i should be cleaed ierally oce a moh, by pourig oe half cup plai whie viegar ad half cup cold waer io he waer reservoir, brewig ad he ruig 2 o 3 cycles of cold ap waer before makig coffee.