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Seller Store Pages: roborock_official_store ✉️ (771) 99.5% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 402991765975 Location: Houston, Texas,United States Ebay Item: 402991765975 HomeS7S7 BlackS7 WhiteS6 MaxVS5 MaxS5 Max BlackS5 Max WhiteS6 PURES6 Pure BlackS6 Pure WhiteS4 Max E5 MopE5 Mop BlackE5 Mop WhiteE4 MopACCESSORIESStore CategoryCertified RefurbishedAccessoriesRobot Va Brand: Roborock Start Time: 2021-07-14T03:27:28.000Z End Time: 2022-10-14T03:27:28.000Z Return Policy: Refund Money back or replacement (buyer's choice),Returns Within 30 Days,Returns Accepted Returns Accepted,Shipping Cost Paid By Seller,International Refund MoneyBackOrReplacement,International Returns Within 30 Days,International Returns Accepted ReturnsAccepted,International Shipping Cost Paid By Seller Model: Roborock S4 Max Country/Region of Manufacture: China Filters: E11 Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa Included Accessories: Charger Type: Robotic Features: Array Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi Color: Black Material: ABS Dustbin Volume: 460ml Suction: 2000Pa Power: 58W Brand: Roborock Bagged/Bagless: Bagless Runtime: 180 min Charge Time: 6 hrs Cord Type: Cordless Voltage: 110V-240V MPN: S4E51-01 Package Size: 19.25 x 15.87 x 5.98 (inches) Package Weight: 12.35 lb Robot Size: 13.9 inches width x 3.8 inches high Robot Weight: 7.28 lb UPC: 810074997034

HomeS7S7 BlackS7 WhieS6 MaxVS5 MaxS5 Max BlackS5 Max WhieS6 PURES6 Pure BlackS6 Pure WhieS4 Max E5 MopE5 Mop BlackE5 Mop WhieE4 MopACCESSORIESSore CaegoryCerified RefurbishedAccessoriesRobo Vacuum CleaerRoborock S4 Max- Cerified RefurbishedA Truly Iellige Robo VacuumRoborock S4 Max brigs Roborock’s acclaimed roboic ielligece o a robo dedicaed exclusively o vacuumig. Advaced feaures iclude auomaic recogiio of up o 4 maps ‐ ideal for muli-level homes, app corolled Ivisible Wall ad No-Go Zoes, ad auomaic room recogiio. Cleaups ca also be scheduled i deail based o ime of day, room, ad more. All wihou hardware add-os.Muli-Level Mappig wih No-Go ZoesBreahakig SucioIellige Sucio CorolToal App CorolAuo Carpe BoosAdvaced Clea ScheduligHazard Sesor ArrayLog-Lasig CleaigPrecise every ime, day or igh Precisio Low Ligh Navigaio-LiDAR avigaio says precise ad effic i brigh rooms ad eve i dark oes, keepig cleaig effecive a all imes.Breahakig Sucio Powerful HyperForce sucio creaes up o 2000Pa of sucio power, pullig dir ad pe hair off woode floors as easily as i dredges i up ou of carpes. Ideal for pickig up afer messy kids ad hairy pes.Keeps Carpes Brigh Auomaic Carpe Boos auomaically ramps sucio power o maximum whe a carpe is deeced, providig a more horough vacuum. The floaig mai brush lifs up o agiae he fibers of he carpe iself, smashig ou rapped dus o leave carpes brigh ad clea.The corol is yours Usig he Roborock app, drop up o 10 No-Go Zoes ad 10 Ivisible Wall o every level wihou a sigle hardware add-o. Use his o keep S4 Max away from precious iems, roublesome furiure ad more. The corol is yours.Advaced Clea Schedulig Schedule cleaups o fi your life. Muliple schedules per day, specific schedules for specific rooms ad more.Problem Area Cleaig Whe you eed o clea a specific area o a whole room, draw Zoe aroud i, se he sucio power you wa, ad sed S4 Max o is way. You ca creae up o 5 zoes a oce ad every zoe ca be cleaed up o 3 imes o really ackle ough dir.Log-Lasig Cleaig Oe charge of is 5200mAh baery gives up o 180 miues*, or up o 300sqm, of cleaig, wih all debris securely capured i a large 460ml dusbi.*Tesed i Roborock labs o hard floors. Ru imes may vary. App ad Voice Corol Se schedules, clea specific rooms, ad more from he Roborock app. Use Alexa ad he Roborock Plus skill or Siri or Google Home for comprehesive voice corol opios.*Noe: Oly works wih 2.4G Wi-Fi. .Muliple Cleaup Modes Tailor sucio sregh i App o mee your cleaig eeds.Buil-I Fall Proecio Clea righ o he edge of sairs ad ledges wihou worry wih a Sesie&rade; array. This icludes four cliff sesors, wo i fro ad wo i he back, preveig he robo from goig over ledges.Auomaic Top-Up Chargig Clea larger spaces auomaically. If he baery rus low, he robo will go back o recharge, he coiue where i lef off.Maieace Remiders Check i-app o see whe ad which accessories are due for maieace or replaceme.Package icludes: 1x S4 Max Robo, 1x Mai Brush, 1x Side Brush, 1x Mai Brush Cover, 1x Dusbi, 1x Cleaig Tool, 1x Air Filer, 1x Chargig Dock, 1x Power Cord Noe:No suiable for high-pile carpes S4 Max RefubishedE4 Mop RefubishedS6 RefubishedS6 Pure RefubishedS5 Max RefubishedS6 MaxV RefubishedNavigaioLidar avigaio+SLAMIerial Navigaio wih 13 ypes of sesorLidar avigaio+SLAMLidar avigaio+SLAMLidar avigaio+SLAMDual Cameras wih Lidar NavigaioMapReal-ime mappigAparme layou(wihou Real-ime mappig)Real-ime mappigReal-ime mappigReal-ime mappigReal-ime mappig wih Remoe ViewigMax sucio2000Pa2000Pa2000Pa2000Pa2000Pa2500PaCarpe boos✓✓✓✓✓✓Muli-Level Mappig✓×✓✓✓✓Zoe cleaig & o-go zoes✓×✓✓✓✓Selecive Room Cleaig ✓×✓✓✓✓Elecric waer ak××××✓✓Moppig Fucio×✓✓✓✓✓Waer ak capaciy×180ml140ml180ml290ml297mlDus bi capaciy460ml640ml480ml460ml460ml460mlApp Corol ✓✓✓✓✓✓Voice Corol ✓✓✓✓✓✓Ruime per charge(quie mode)180 miues200 miues180 miues180 miues180 miues180 miuesRobo Dimesios350*350*96.5mm350*350*90.5mm353*350*96.5mm350*350*96.5mm353*350*96.5mm353*350*96.5mmAbou RoborockReurs / WarrayShippigPaymeCoac usAbou Roborock Fouded i July 2014, Beijig Roborock Techology Co., Ld. (Roborock) specializes i he research, developme, ad producio of producs ha make peoples lives more comforable. We desig our rage of robo vacuums, ad our cordless sick vacuum o work so effecively ha people are empowered o sped more ime o he higs hey love ad less ime o chores. Roborock is headquarered i Beijig, wih R&D ad brach offices i Shaghai ad Shezhe where our egieers, desigers, scieiss, ad maufacurig expers collaborae closely hroughou developme ad esig. Our ieraioal office i Hog Kog is home o our global eam ad saffed wih people from across he globe. Our eam comes from a umber of he world’s mos respeced brads. We have diverse educaioal backgroud ad experiece i differe fields, icludig algorihm developme, elecroic egieerig, mechaical srucure desig, ad maufacurig. By drawig ogeher aleed people, uied by a missio o pu advaced echology io he home o make life easier, we ca creae wha we believe o be he smares, ad mos capable producs o he marke.Reurs / WarrayReurs We accep reurs wihi 30 days of purchase. Reur your udamaged Roborock produc o us o receive a full refud. Noe: Before ope a reur reques, please ge i ouch wih us o help wih ay problems you are experiecig. We are here o assis. Warray We have parered wih eBay o offer all eBay cusomers a special 2 Year warray o ay Roborock Cerified Refurbished vacuum. Our 2 year warray ha is covered by Allsae. Comprehesive warray from Allsae,US Oly.Shippig 1. Due o he warehouse locaio, producs will oly be shipped o locaios i he coiguous Uied Saes. All producs will be checked carefully ad packed i good codiio before shippig. 2. Orders will be processed wihi 12-24 hours of payme verificaio. Shippig is sadard shippig by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Sadard shippig imes are 2-6 workig days. A rackig umber will be provided. 3. Before buyig, make sure your PayPal ad eBay address is correc. If you fid he address is icorrec ad hope o sed i o aoher address, sed us a message before he iem is dispached. 4. If you have o received your shipme wihi 6 days of payme, do o hesiae o coac us. We will rack he shipme ad ge back o you as soo as possible. Cusomer saisfacio is always wha we are srivig for.Payme1.We accep all major credi cards ad paymes hrough eBay/Paypal. 2.Payme mus be received wihi 5 busiess days of aucio closig. 3.Please make sure your PayPal ad eBay address is correc. If o, please correc i before payme. 4.Cusom duies, axes, or charges are o icluded i he cos you pay o us. 5.Please check wih your coury's cusoms office o deermie wha hese addiioal coss will be prior o biddig or buyig. Coac us1.We guaraee ha all iems are as saed i he descripio. We srive for 100% cusomer saisfacio o each sale. 2.Our producs come direcly from our facory. There is o middle ma, o high markup. So we provide qualiy iems ye compeiive price. 3.If you have ay quesios, please coac us before ay dispue or bad feedback. We usually respod wihi 1 busiess day 4.We will highly appreciae your posiive feedback wih all 5 sars.