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Seller Store Pages: histyle426 ✉️ (2044) 100.0% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 303812186448 Location: Yorkville, Illinois,United States Ebay Item: 303812186448 This AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL Game Boy DMG-01 has been FULLY disassembled CLEANED, tested, and reassembled. Entire system was gone through and works flawlessly. When you purchase one of our Game Boy’s our Brand: Nintendo Start Time: 2020-12-15T21:11:46.000Z End Time: 2022-12-15T21:11:46.000Z Return Policy: Refund Money back or replacement (buyer's choice),Returns Within 30 Days,Returns Accepted Returns Accepted,Shipping Cost Paid By Seller,International Returns Accepted ReturnsNotAccepted Model: Game Boy Connectivity: Headphone Jack Type: Handheld System Color: Gray Year Manufactured: 1989 MPN: DMG-01 Manufacturer Color: Gray Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada) Storage Capacity: 0 Brand: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Game Boy

This AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL Game Boy DMG-01 has bee FULLY disassembled CLEANED, esed, ad reassembled. Eire sysem was goe hrough ad works flawlessly. Whe you purchase oe of our Game Boy’s our resoraio process icludes bu is o limied oo· The case was paisakigly cleaed, ad rero brigheed o make he plasic look ew as possible. Reversig he hads of ime i he process.· We save or replace (if missig) he serial umber ad service sickers i he back. This is a sep mos resorers miss ad adds he overall auheiciy of he ui· Buos ad buo pads ispeced cleaed or replaced o esure flawless use ad resposive buo ouches· BRAND NEW LCD Glass scree isalled (made of same maerial o cell phoes)· Baery Termials ispeced cleaed ad or replaced· All elecroics have bee ispeced, cleaed, ad goe hrough o esure i works as i should. So much osalgia i such a iy package. We really go above ad beyod o give you he bes possible experiece. We use oly auheic OEM producs i our resoraios o isure your geig he real deal. The oly hig ha is o origial is he Glass Scree ad reproducio sickers. The plasic screes origially used scrached ad clouded wih use ad age. The Glass scree is he oe upgrade/cocessio we make because i makes for a FAR beer produc. Whe possible, origial serial umber sickers are saved. Someimes hough hey serial umber may o be perfec, bu we raher keep he origialiy of he Serial Number sicker. If he sicker is missig or damaged beyod beig saved i is replaced.Oher ha a few mior scraches from 30 years of game play (his was a oy) his ui is perfec. The phoos used are sock phoos we resore A LOT of Game Boys ad i’s impossible o ake phoos of each oe idividually. Each Game Boy preses very well bu does come wih mior imperfecios he vary. This is a resored iem o a ew iem so mior icks ad scraches will exis bu we cherry pick oly he bes origial shells o resore. If you’d like o see your specific ui before I ship, please sed me a privae messeger ad I’ll work wih you.