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Seller Store Pages: 4surpluscity ✉️ (124828) 97.8%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 224977906259 Location: Skokie, Illinois, Ebay Item: 224977906259 Laptops & Tablet Gaming Speakers & Audio Keyboard & Mice Networking Home Goods Product Condition Appearance Functionality The Prod Brand: Neato Start Time: 2022-05-09 09:28:00 End Time: 2022-12-09 09:28:00 Return Policy: Not MPN: 9450179 Runtime: 60 min Brand: Neato Included Accessories: Filter, Charger,  Bagged/Bagless: Bagless Features: Battery Operated, Carpet Cleaning, Bag Change Indicator, Bag Change Indicator,Battery Operated,Carpet Cleaning,Compact,Dirt Sensor, Compact, Dirt Sensor, Automatic,  Cord Type: Cordless Type: Robotic Charge Time: 3 hr Model: Botvac D80 Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi

Lapops & Table Gamig Speakers & Audio Keyboard & Mice Neworkig Home Goods Produc Codiio Appearace Fucioaliy The Produc has bee refurbished by qualified echicias ad comes i geeric packagig. The Produc is i fair cosmeic codiio ad will show mior sigs of use. This Produc has bee professioally esed ad guaraeed o be fucioal ad ready for use. Produc Descripio Smar, powerful, high-performace Robo vacuum. Grea for homes wih pes. While you do oher higs, Neao BoVac vacuums dir, crumbs, dus buies, ad pe hair from all floor ypes ad every corer of your home. D-shape wih corer clever - exclusive d-shape wih corer clever echology desroys dir where i hides ad keeps corers clea. Exra large bag less diryig ad Jumbo high performace filer capure paricles as small as 0.3 micros, like mold ad pe dader. Perfec for all floor ypes ad pe hair pick-up. Key Feaures: Paeed Neao echology - he laser smar mappig ad avigaio sysem scas ad maps he room, plas, ad mehodically cleas isead of bumpig aroud. D-Shape desig wih CorerClever echology ges close o walls ad io corers offerig maximum hair pickup. Picks up more pe hair ha oher bos;Charger Volage : 110V, 220V SpiFlow Power Clea echology combies poe sucio ad precisio brushes o leave floors immaculaely clea. Icludes easy-o-swap combo & blade brushes offerig maximum cleaig. Precise edge cleaig side brush makes sure o a speck of dus is lef behid. Auo-charge & resume les your robo clea room o room - whe i eeds more power, i auomaically reurs o charge, he reurs o where i lef off & fiishes he job. I ackles up o 3000 square fee of floor space per cleaig cycle wih ease ad auomaically recharges LaserSmar mappig ad avigaio sysem scas ad maps he room, plas, ad mehodically cleasisead of bumpig aroud. D-Shape desig wih CorerClever echology ges close o walls ad io corers. Maximum hair pickup. Picks up more pe hair ha oher bos. SpiFlow Power Clea combies poe sucio ad precisio brushes o leave floors immaculaely clea. Icludes boh combo brush, spiral blade brush, ad side brush. Auo-Charge & Resume les your robo clea room o room; whe i eeds more power, i auomaically reurs o charge, he reurs o where i lef off & fiishes he job. Kidly refer he user maual give below for produc iformaio. No ieraioal Shippig. Be sure he chargig base has 3 of clearace of boh sides. This faciliaes he robo reurig o base wihou issues. Package Coes:- Robo- Chargig Dock- Power Supply Cable Neao Bovac D80 High Performace Robo Vacuum--Ideal for Homes wih Pes Uses paeed LaserSmar echology wih laser floor mappig ad real-ime objec deecio o map he room, pla ad mehodically cleaisead of jus bumpig aroud. Icludes boh he spiral blade brush (works grea o all floors) ad he combo brush (picks up all ypes of hair ad is quieer oo). Advaced SpiFlow Power Clea sysem picks up more of he suff ha lads o he floorlike dir, crumbs, dus buies, ad pe hair. D-shape desig ad CorerClever echology ge o where dir hidesi corers ad alog walls. Moves from room o room, auomaically reurs o charge base, recharges, ad resumes where i lef off. Exra-large, bagless dir bi holds more ha roud robo vacuums ad is easier o empy. I he eve of ay issues or quesios wih your ew robo, please call Neao Roboic Suppor Team direcly. We will make every effor o deliver a 5-sar Neao experiec Feaures :Sees: Your Room ad Maps Mos Efficie Cleaig Pah Paeed LaserSmar mappig ad avigaio echology ses Bovac D80 o a course o clea carefully, isead of merely movig aroud. I scas he room, seses objecs i real-ime, ad deermies he mos efficie pah. SpiFlow Sysem Picks Up More of Wha Lads O The Floor Combies powerful vacuum sucio ad precisio brushes o leave floors immaculaely clea. Bovac D80 efforlessly picks up suff like dir, crumbs, dus buies, ad pe hair. Ad wih is D-Shape desig ad CorerClever echology, Neao ges o where dir hides-i corers ad alog walls. Reurs o Charge Base As Needed Whe Bovac D80 rus low o power, i auomaically goes o he charge base. Whe is powered up, i reurs o where i lef off ad fiishes he job. Does The Work For You Simply push sar or auomaically schedule cleaigs. Bovac D80 auomaically vacuums muliple rooms o is ow, efforlessly rasiioig from room o room ad from oe floor surface o aoher. Exra-Large Bagless Dir Bi Is exra-large, bag-less 0.7-lier dir bi holds more dus ad dir ha roud vacuums ad is easy o empy. Simply lif he bi ou of he op of he robo ad dump he coes io he rash. Theres less mess ha wih smaller bis ha slide ou from he side or udereah he robo. Easy-o-Schedule Auomaic Cleaig Use he easy Auo-Schedule display scree ad corols o se up a schedule ha works for you. Whe you wa a quick spo-clea or a horough muli-room clea ha is: scheduled, jus push sar. Maeuvers Aroud Furiure ad Obsacles As Bovac D80 scas he room, i seses objecs i is pah, like furiure ad oys, ad carefully avigaes aroud hem. I eve deecs ad avoids sairs. Simple drop dow, easy-o-use boudary markers keep i away from places you do wa i o go. Cleas Where Ohers Ca Hugs walls ad ges uder furiure where dus buies hide. Wih is uique D-shape desig ad 50% larger brush ha roud robos, Bovac D80 cleas wihi 10 millimeers of he wall. Plus, is low profile allows i o clea uder beds ad i oher hard-o-reach places where dus buies collec. Payme Policy We accep PayPal oly. Payme eeds o be received wihi 24 hours of purchase or he rasacio may be cacelled uless payme required immediaely. Orders shipped o he U.S. mus be a Verified U.S. PayPal Accou, We also recommed ha you use a Cofirmed Ship To Address. If you have ay issues wih your payme or have ay quesios feel free o coac our cusomer service eam via eBay Message. Shippig Policy We process ad ship orders Moday Friday. We oly ship o he 48 Coieal Uied Saes. We are uable o ship ieraioally (Please check he shippig secio o each iems for deails) or o Hawaii, Alaska ad oher US Proecoraes (ie. Guam, Puero Rico, Virgi Islads, ec.). Free shippig o coieal Uied Saes (48 Saes) oly. We are uable o ship o PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses. Buyer Ackowledges Seller:s Righ ad Discreio o Choose Shippig Mehod. Reur Policy All Iems Iclude 30 Days Reur Exchage (Excep AS-IS Iems) If you received a iem ha is defecive or damaged i shippig, please sed us a message o eBay My Messages ad our cusomer service eam will ry o roubleshoo ad provide echical suppor or guide you o resolve he issue. No-defecive iems will be charged up o 15% resockig fee wih shippig fee. I order o reur a iem you mus coac us via eBay messages o reques a Reur Merchadise Auhorizaio Number (RMA). Reurs are permied ad mus be iiiaed by he buyer wihi 30 days of he delivery dae. Cusomer Service Your saisfacio is our prioriy. We offer you he mos compeiive prices for qualiy producs wih fas shippig ad easy reurs. We ca do his by miimizig excess cos ad passig he savigs oo our cusomers. Oe of he ways we do his is by keepig he shippig raes low by sockig Bulk packagig isead of he cosly reail packagig foud a a ypical big box chai sore. All iems we sell come wih a 30 day reur policy o op of ay ousadig warraies offered by he maufacurers. Warray iformaio ca be foud a he boom of every producs page. Please make sure whe compleig your purchase ha you have read he deails ad codiios for he iem beig sold, wha is icluded i he package ad he codiio of he iem. If you have ay quesios or commes, please feel free o coac our cusomer service via eBay Messages. Thak You For Your Busiess!