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Seller Store Pages: irobot ✉️ (8475) 98.2%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 385105940793 Location: Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Ebay Item: 385105940793 Powered by Frooition Certified RefurbishedRoomba® Robot VacuumsBraava® Robot MopsAccessories All Products Support About us Brand: iRobot Start Time: 2022-09-08 23:12:18 End Time: 2022-12-08 23:12:18 Return Policy: Not Cord Type: Cordless MPN: I715020, 7150,  Bagged/Bagless: Bagless Features: Battery Operated Color: Black Brand: iRobot Type: Robotic Model: Roomba i7 Included Accessories: Charger Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi MPN: 7150

Powered by Frooiio Cerified RefurbishedRoomba® Robo VacuumsBraava® Robo MopsAccessories All Producs Suppor Abou us Shippig Reurs Warray FAQ iRobo Roomba i7 (7150) Wi-Fi Coeced Robo Vacuum Cleaer Ideal for Pes NEW Wach he video iRobo Roomba i7 (7150) Wi-Fi Coeced Robo Vacuum Cleaer Ideal for Pes NEW Iem Descripio POWERFUL PERFORMANCE AND POWERFUL PICK-UP - Pulls i subbor dir ad messes wih a Premium 3-Sage Cleaig Sysem ad 10X he Power-Lifig Sucio. (Compared o he Roomba 600 series cleaig sysem)&bsp;GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS - Wih vSLAM avigaio, he i7 lears he layou of your home ad builds persoal Smar Maps, eablig i o experly clea ad avigae i ea, efficie rows.&bsp;VACUUMS MESSES IN THE MOMENT - Cleaig crumbs is ow as easy as ::Roomba, clea uder he kiche able.:: A simple reques o your voice assisa or via he iRobo Home app eables he i7 o clea messes for you, righ whe hey happe.&bsp;COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR CLEAN - Wih Smar Mappig, your robo kows your kiche from your livig room, so you ca decide where i cleas ad whe. Wih Keep Ou Zoes, your robo kows o avoid sesiive areas like pe bowls or play areas.&bsp;A CLEAN UNIQUE TO YOU - The Roomba i7 robo vacuum is smarer ha ever, learig where ad whe you ormally clea ad suggesig persoalized schedules so you ca focus o everyhig else.&bsp;IDEAL FOR HOMES WITH PETS - Uique Dual Muli-Surface Rubber Brushes do: ge agled wih pe hair. Brushes adjus ad flex o say i cosa coac wih carpes ad hard floors. High-Efficiecy Filer raps 99% of ca ad dog dader allerges.&bsp;THE DREAM TEAM OF CLEAN - Wih Impri Lik Techology, he Roomba i7 robo vacuum ad Braava je m6 robo mop eam up o vacuum he mop auomaically i perfec sequece, givig your floors a comprehesive clea.&bsp;ALWAYS GETTING SMARTER - Qualiy ha lass. Ielligece ha grows. Equipped wih advaced hardware capable of providig he iellige feaures you love oday, ad access o our laes advacemes i he fuure.COMPATIBLE WITH Clea Base - The Roomba i7 is compaible wih a Clea Base Auomaic Dir Disposal so your i7 robo vacuum&bsp;ca empy is ow bi.iRobo does o cerify he qualiy or auheiciy of producs purchased from o-auhorized resellers, ad will o cover claims, provide service or offer replacemes for producs purchased from hese sellers. Descripio Descripio Payme Shippig Reurs / Warray Abou Us Descripio The Roomba i7 robo vacuum uleashes powerful cleaig whe, where, ad how you wa wih a sigle commad o your Google Assisa or Alexa voice assisa. Tell Roomba o clea uder he kiche able. Smar avigaio maps specific objecs i your home, guidig i o he mess, righ whe he mess happes. Wih 10x he sucio ad auomaic, persoalized schedules, eve recommedaios durig polle ad pe-sheddig seasos, is vacuumig ha fis seamlessly io your life.Wha:s i he Box:Roomba i7 vacuum cleaig roboBaeryPower CordHome/Chargig Base1 Exra High-Efficiecy Filer&bsp;1 Exra Side Brush&bsp; Payme Payme PaymeWe accep all major credi cards ad paymes hrough eBay. Shippig Shippig ShippigMos orders will ship ou wihi 1 busiess day.&bsp; Due o our rapid processig/shippig of orders afer a order is placed i ca o be caceled.&bsp; Trackig iformaio will be provided for your order.&bsp; Mos orders ship wih FedEx. Reurs / Warray Reurs / Warray ReursWe accep reurs wihi 30 days of purchase. Resockig fees may apply.WarrayThis produc comes wih a 1 Year Warray. Abou Us Abou Us 30 Years of Roboics Experise ad Iovaio.We desig ad build iovaive home robos, icludig he Roomba robo vacuum ad he Braava family of moppig robos. Bu our echology is: jus abou robos. I:s abou you-ad fidig beer ways o help you ge more doe.Fouded i 1990 by Massachuses Isiue of Techology roboiciss wih he visio of makig pracical robos a realiy, iRobo has sold more ha 30 millio robos worldwide. The compay has developed some of he world:s mos impora robos ad has a rich hisory seeped i iovaio. Is robos have revealed myseries of he Grea Pyramid of Giza, foud harmful subsea oil i he Gulf of Mexico, ad saved housads of lives i areas of coflic ad crisis aroud he globe. iRobo ispired he firs Micro Rovers used by NASA, chagig space ravel forever, deployed he firs groud robos used by US Forces i coflic, brough he firs self-avigaig FDA-approved remoe presece robos o hospials, ad iroduced he firs pracical home robo wih Roomba, forgig a pah for a eirely ew caegory i home cleaig. Wih more ha 30 years of leadership i he robo idusry, iRobo remais commied o buildig robos ha provide people wih smarer ways o clea ad accomplish more i heir daily lives. Wih every iRobo® purchase Free Deliveryo Robo Orders 30-DayMoey-Back Guaraee Your PrivacyIs our Prioriy Up o 2-YearLimied Warray ResposiveCusomer Service Mee he iRobo® family Robo Vacuums Shop ow Robo Mops Shop ow Pars & Accessories Shop ow You May Also like More Iems!View more grea iemsiRobo Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaig Robo - Maufacurer Cerified Refurbished!$259.99iRobo Roomba 670 Vacuum Cleaig Robo - Maufacurer Cerified Refurbished!$149.99iRobo Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaig Robo - Maufacurer Cerified Refurbished!$199.99iRobo Roomba E6 Vacuum Cleaig Robo E6198 Maufacurer Cerified Refurbished$119.99 30 Years of Hisory Abou us Shippig Reurs Warray FAQ Powered by Frooiio Frooiio | No-js Templae | eBay desig, eBay sore desig, eBay shop desig, eBay emplae desig, eBay lisig desig (ver:froo_o_js) This lisig is currely udergoig maieace, we apologise for ay icoveiece caused.