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Seller Store Pages: mypcwerkstoo ✉️ (1814) 98.9%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 234763114413 Location: Dallas, Texas, Ebay Item: 234763114413  Item Description HP PROBOOK 640 G3 I5-7300U 32GB 1TB M2 BLUETOOTH WIFI WEBCAM WIN 10 PRO AC ADAPTER INCLUDEDOne Year Warranty BUILD YOUR OWN CONFIGURATIONProfessionally Refurbished by PC WE Brand: HP Start Time: 2022-11-03 02:48:18 End Time: 2022-12-03 02:48:18 Return Policy: Not Processor: Intel Core i5 7th Gen. Screen Size: 14 in Graphics Processing Type: Dedicated Graphics Bundle Description: AC ADAPTER INCLUDED RAM Size: UP TO 32GB Color: BLACK AND SILVER Custom Bundle: Yes SSD Capacity: UP TO 1TB M2 Most Suitable For: Casual Computing, Workstation, LIGHT GAMING,  GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 Processor Speed: 2.60 GHz Brand: HP Series: ProBook Type: Notebook/Laptop Model: HP ProBook Connectivity: DisplayPort, USB 3.0, USB-C,  Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB Features: 10/100 LAN Card, Bluetooth, Built-in Webcam, Wi-Fi,  Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Storage Type: SSD (Solid State Drive) Product Condition Description: “Professionally Refurbished by PC WERKS. Our computers may have very minor signs of wear none of which affect the functionality of the product. Comes with a power supply. Includes 1-Year Warranty provided by pc werks. All laptops are thoroughly gone through by our certified techs to make sure functionality is good. Parts replaced if needed. We make sure that the laptop is thoroughly cleaned and packed for safe delivery. This is a configure your own laptop add please make sure you choose ram and ssd size you would like in the options.” AC ADAPTER INCLUDED

&bsp;Iem Descripio&bsp;HP PROBOOK 640 G3 I5-7300U 32GB 1TB M2 BLUETOOTH WIFI WEBCAM WIN 10 PRO AC ADAPTER INCLUDEDOe Year Warray BUILD YOUR OWN CONFIGURATIONProfessioally Refurbished by PC WERKS. Our compuers may have very mior sigs of wear&bsp; oe of which affec he fucioaliy of he produc. Comes wih a&bsp; power supply. Icludes 1-Year Warray provided by pc werks. All lapops are horoughly goe hrough by our cerified echs o make sure fucioaliy is&bsp; good. Pars replaced if eeded. We make sure ha he lapop is horoughly cleaed ad packed for safe delivery. This is a cofigure your ow lapop add please make sure you choose ram ad ssd size you would like i he opios.HP ProBook 640 G3. This Lapop feaures a M.2 SSD . Havig a M.2 SSD meas beer reliabiliy ad performace over a sadard hard drive. I meas accessig your files faser, loadig your programs faser, booig io your operaig sysem faser. I also meas lower power usage ad improved baery life. Aoher bous: o movig pars meas o hard drive oise! Deliverig reliable ad fas performace, he Iel Core i5 7h Ge geeraio processor of he HP ProBook 640 G3 boass a base speed of 2.60GHz. The 14.0 i. scree size allows for greaer produciviy.&bsp;SpecsCPUI5-7300UGPUINTEL HD GRAPHICS 620Display14.0, Full HD (1920 x 1080), TNHDD/SSDM.2 YOUR CHOICE 128GB SSD M.2 UP TO A 1TB M.2M.2 Slo1x 2280 PCIe NVMe (M key)&bsp;&bsp;RAM8GB DDR4, 2400 MHz UP TO 32GBOSWidows 10 Pro AND OFFICE LIBRE INSTALLEDDimesios340 x 237 x 27 mm (13.39:: x 9.33:: x 1.06::)Weigh1.95 kg (4.3 lbs)Pors ad coeciviy1x USB Type-C3.2 Ge 1 (5 Gbps)1x USB Type-A3.2 Ge 1 (5 Gbps)1x USB Type-A3.2 Ge 1 (5 Gbps)DisplayPor&bsp;DisplayPorCard ReaderSD, SDHC, SDXCEhere LAN10, 100, 1000 Mbi/sWi-Fi802.11 a/b/g//ac (2x2)Blueooh4.2Audio jack3.5 mm jack1 dockig coecorAC ADAPTER INCLUDEDWIN 10 PRO FRESH INSTALL AND LIBRE OFFICEFeauresWeb camera720pMicrophoeSpeakersOpical driveSecuriy Lock slo&bsp;WARRANTY POLOICY&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;ReursShould you o be compleely saisfied wih your PC Werks purchase, you may reur your purchase wihi&bsp;30 days&bsp;from your ivoice dae.Please oe, shippig coss WILL NOT be refuded.&bsp;To reur your PC Werks produc, THIS PAPER WORK WILL BE INCLUDED IN YOUR BOX THAT WE SHIP TO YOU WITH CONTACT INFORMATION.&bsp; (icludig your order umber). PC Werks will email you a Reur Maerial Auhorizaio (RMA) umber. To receive a refud, he produc mus be reured o he PC Werks warehouse wihi 14 caledar days of he issuace of he RMA. No reurs will be acceped wihou a Reur Auhorizaio (RMA) Number. A 10% ope box fee will be assessed o ay opeed package. I addiio a resockig fee of 10% will be applied if he produc is beig reued wihou valid reaso as saed below.I is your resposibiliy o ship your reur prepaid ad isured for he full purchase price by a carrier ha offers package rackig, such as Uied Saes Posal Service regisered mail, Uied Parcel Service (UPS), or Federal Express.&bsp; The Moey-back Guaraee is also coige upo he producs beig reured 100% complee ad i like-ew codiio. All producs mus be packed i he origial, umarked packagig icludig ay accessories, maual ad documeaio ha was shipped wih he produc. PC Werks may rejec he reur, or deduc coss associaed wih: missig pars, o-origial packagig, abuse, misuse of he produc or user egligece.ExchagesIf you purchased he wrog produc ad would like o exchage i for aoher PC Werks produc, he same regulaios as uder Reurs apply, excep ha we will oly charge a 5% ope box fee o ay opeed package. Price differeces bewee he exchaged producs will be assessed durig he exchage ad debied or credied accordigly.II. Dead O Arrival (DOA) ProducA PC Werks hardware produc is cosidered DOA if i shows sympoms of hardware failure, preveig basic operabiliy, upo is firs use ou of he box. If you believe ha your produc is DOA, please coac THE RETURN DEPT INCLUDED IN THE PAPER WORK WE SENT wihi 10 caledar days of he ivoice dae.&bsp; If he produc is deemed DOA by PC Werks Techical Suppor wihi 10 caledar days of he ivoice dae, you are eligible o receive a replaceme ui. If he produc is deemed o DOA by PC Werks Techical Suppor or if he produc is deemed DOA more ha 10 caledar days afer he ivoice dae. PC Werks limied produc warray will apply (see secio below o Defecive Iems Limied Warray).Shippig will be arraged a PC Werks expese for all producs deermied by he PC Werks Techical Suppor Team o be DOA.&bsp;PC Werks reserves he righ o es reured DOA produc. If he codiio of he produc is misrepreseed by he cusomer, PC Werks may impose a&bsp;$100 hadlig fee.III. Defecive Iems Limied WarrayPC Werks offers cusomers he opio o purchase a 365 Day Hardware warray o some ew ad refurbished producs. The warraies are i effec from he ivoice dae. Sofware of ay kid delivered wih or as par of a PC Werks produc is expressly provided as is uless specifically provided by a licese accompayig he sofware.&bsp;SOFTWARE IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE PC WERKS WARRANTY.&bsp; PC Werks is o liable for ay daa loss caused by hardware failures.&bsp; If ay PC Werks produc subjec o his Limied Warray fails durig his ime for reasos ha are covered by our Limied Warray, PC Werks, a is opio, will:REPAIR he defec by meas of hardware ad/or sofware, usig ew or refurbished replaceme pars; ORREPLACE he produc wih a produc ha is ew or which has bee maufacured from ew or serviceable used pars ad is he fucioal equivale o he origial produc; ORREFUND he replaceme value of he produc.&bsp;If such produc is defecive, rasporaio charges for he reur of he produc o buyer wihi he USA will be paid by PC Werks. For all oher locaios, he warray excludes all coss of shippig, cusoms clearace ad oher relaed charges. PC Werks will have a reasoable ime o replace or make repairs o he produc. I o eve will PC Werks be liable for ay oher coss associaed wih he replaceme or repair of he produc, icludig labor, isallaio or oher coss icurred by buyer.To reques warray service from PC Werks, A COPY OF THIS INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE&bsp; durig he coverage period. Please provide: (1) your ame, address, ad elephoe umbers; (2) model ame ad order umber of he produc; (3) a explaaio of he problem.PC Werks does o sell addiioal warray exesios or accep old hardware producs i exchage for ew hardware producs a reduced prices.&bsp;&bsp;THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES THAT MAY EXIST UNDER STATE LAW, APPLY ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER OF THE PC WERKS PRODUCT.Warray Limiaios ad ExclusiosThese warraies replace all oher warraies, expressed or implied icludig, bu o limied o, he implied warraies of merchaabiliy ad fiess for a paricular purpose. PC Werks makes o expressed warraies beyod hose saed here. PC Werks disclaims all oher warraies, expressed or implied icludig, wihou limiaio, implied warraies of merchaabiliy ad fiess for a paricular purpose. Some jurisdicios do o allow he exclusio of implied warraies so his limiaio may o apply. All expressed ad implied warraies are limied i duraio o he limied warray period. No warraies apply afer ha period. Some jurisdicios do o allow limiaios o how log a implied warray lass, so his limiaio may o apply o you.Limiaios of Liabiliy&bsp;PC Werks resposibiliy uder his, or ay oher warray, implied or expressed, is limied o repair, replaceme or refud, as se forh above. These remedies are he sole ad exclusive remedies for ay breach of warray. PC Werks is o resposible for direc, special, icideal, or cosequeial damages resulig from ay breach of warray uder aoher legal heory icludig, bu o limied o, los profis, dowime, goodwill, damage o or replaceme of equipme ad propery, ad ay coss of recoverig, reprogrammig, or reproducig ay program or daa sored i or used wih a sysem coaiig his PC Werks produc. Some jurisdicios do o allow he exclusio or limiaio of icideal or cosequeial damages, so he above limiaios or exclusios may o apply o you.Dispue ResoluioThis limied warray gives you specific legal righs, ad you may also have oher righs ha vary from jurisdicio o jurisdicio. Ay ad all dispues arisig uder or relaed o his limied warray shall be adjudicaed i he Uied Saes. The forum shall be Dallas, Texas, USA, ad he applicable law shall be ha of he sae of Texas, USA.&bsp;SOFTWAREYour use of PC Werks sofware is o he erms of he licese i effec for he sofware a he ime of purchase. You will be asked o agree o he erms of he applicable licese a he ime ha you isall he sofware. Please be aware, however, ha your purchase is subjec o he paricular licese ha accompaies he sofware ad you mus agree o he erms ad codiios of ha licese whe you isall he sofware. Tha licese may differ from he liceses you ca review here. Be cerai o read he applicable licese carefully before you isall he sofware. You may reur sofware afer rejecig he licesig erms, provided he sofware is o isalled o a compuer.&bsp;&bsp;Terms ad CodiiosAll paymes mus be made hrough Paypal.Please feel free o ask ay quesios before biddig ad we will gladly assis you. We reserve he righ o re-lishe iem if i has o bee paid for wihi he ime frame specified i he aucio.&bsp;AS IS&bsp;iems are sold wihou ay warray.USED&bsp;bu esed iems will iclude a 90 dAY warray. The cusomer is resposible for shippig he iem back o us for esig. The iem mus be shipped back o us i i:s origial shippig coaier wih all accessories, cables, sofware, documeaio, ec. If he iem is defecive, we will replace he iem or refud he cos of he iem (cusomers choice). We do o refud shippig ad hadlig charges. We will always leave posiive feedback for you afer you have lef i for us.&bsp;If you have ay problems please coac us ad we will ry o resolve he issue immediaely&bsp;. We wa you o ejoy your Ebay experiece wih PC Werks. Texas Resides eed o add 8.25% sales ax.Shippig ad Hadlig:SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS VIA THE US POSTAL SERVICE OR FEDEX.&bsp;THIS OFFER APPLIES ONLY TO CUSTOMERS IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!If you are locaed i Alaska or Hawaii, please be prepared o pay for shippig because of he disace.We do o ship o PO Boxes. We USE THE EBAY GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS.Shippig isurace is icluded for his aucio..Thak you for visiig ad our goal is o make your eBay experiece a ejoyable oe !!!