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Seller Store Pages: lauramame ✉️ (4755) 100.0%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 222784664925 Location: Marlton, New Jersey, Ebay Item: 222784664925 Welcome to BeadscapeHANDMADE MUKLUK SLIPPER SOCKS - UNISEX - SUEDE LEATHER SOLES - FIVE SIZES XS-XLUnisex for both Men and Women!  Really warm handmade knitted MUKLUK SOCKS with suede leather sol Brand: Handmade Start Time: 2018-01-06 13:50:43 End Time: 2022-12-06 13:50:43 Return Policy: Not Manufacturer Color: Assorted One-of-a-kind US Shoe Size: Unisex all sizes Size: Five Sizes Available XS-XL Color: Assorted Lining Material: None UPC: Does not apply Country of Manufacture: Pakistan Material: 70% Wool and 30% Rayon Machine Washable Brand: Handmade Cushioning Level: Minimal Department: Unisex Adults Type: Slipper Model: None US Shoe Size (Men's): Unisex Adults Style: Handmade Socks with Suede Non-Slip Soles Outsole Material: Suede Features: Slip Resistant Country/Region of Manufacture: Pakistan Upper Material: 70% Wool / 30% Rayon Insole Material: None Handmade: Yes Product Condition Description: This item is brand new and has never been worn or used.

Welcome o BeadscapeHANDMADE MUKLUK SLIPPER SOCKS - UNISEX - SUEDE LEATHER SOLES - FIVE SIZES XS-XLUisex for boh Me ad Wome!&bsp; Really warm hadmade kied MUKLUK SOCKS wih suede leaher soles.&bsp; Grea o keep EVERYONE:S fee warm o cold wier days.&bsp; Especially grea for he elderly because heir fee are always cold!&bsp;The hi suede leaher soles help preve slippig o bare floors.&bsp;Hadmade. Impored. Assored colors.&bsp;70% wool ad 30% rayo, machie washable.&bsp;They wash well i he washig machie. Jus pu hem i a ligerie (e) bag ad wash hem o gele cycle or had wash hem. I is bes o hag dry hem.GREAT FOR DANCERS!&bsp;&bsp;Mukluk socks fi easily over POINTE SHOES so hey are grea o wear as POINTE SHOE SLIPPERS o keep a dacer:s fee warm whe hey are o dacig. The dacer i your life will love hem!***PLEASE NOTE***AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES. Please use hese suede sole leghs o deermie which size mukluk o orderX-Small - suede leaher sole legh 8 3/4:: suggesed for wome:s size 5 & 6Small - suede leaher sole legh 9::&bsp;- suggesed for me:s size 5 / wome:s size 7Medium - suede leaher sole legh 10::&bsp;- suggesed for me:s size 6, 7, 8 / wome:s size 8, 9, 10Large - suede leaher sole legh 11::&bsp;- suggesed for me:s size 9, 10, 11 / wome:s size 11, 12, 13X-Large - suede leaher sole legh 11 1/2:: - 12:: - suggesed for me:s size 12 & 13 / wome:s size 14The firs oe or wo leers of he mukluk SIZE/COLOR descripio is he size. For example XS2 meas a X-Small-2 mukluk wih he colors show i he phoo. These are he oly pair available i ha size ad ha color combiaio. These mukluks are all oe of a kid oly, you cao order a paricular desig you like i a differe size. The pair you see is he oe you will receive i he size idicaed a he begiig of he SIZE/COLOR descripio.This is he lis of mukluks we currely have i sock. If he pair you wa is grayed ou o he drop dow meu above, ha meas ha pair has bee sold ad is o loger available.PLEASE BE SURE TO MEASURE THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FOOT BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER!Afer measurig your foo, use he measureme o pick your correc size by lookig a he sole leghs lised above, ex o each size.&bsp;Please measure he legh of your foo by placig a ruler or measurig ape o he floor, lie your heal up wih he ed (where he 0 would be) ad pu all of your weigh o ha foo. Now look o see where your big oe reaches ad he selec he size mukluk you will eed by referrig o he suede sole legh iformaio show above ex o each size.&bsp; All of our lisigs for mukluks give you he approximae legh of he leaher sole ad you should use his iformaio o order a correc size ha will fi you.&bsp;Some examples - I wear a wome:s size 7 or 7 1/2 shoe so I wear a size Small MuklukMy Husbad wears a me:s size 10 1/2 shoe so he wears a size Large MuklukPLEASE NOTE:&bsp; If he measureme of he boom of your foo&bsp;is exacly he legh or&bsp;falls bewee wo differe leghs give for he legh of he ::suede leaher sole:: lised, order he ex&bsp;SMALLERsize because he op kied area will srech o fi your foo. You DO NOT wa he sole o be he same size as your foo or loger ha your foo.&bsp; You are beer off orderig a sole size ha is&bsp;A BIT SMALLER&bsp;ha your acual foo legh. Havig he leaher sole he exac legh or loger ha your acual foo size (eve a lile bi!) ca creae a rippig hazard.For example:&bsp; If your foo measures 9 1/2::, order a small size (9::) o a medium size (10::).&bsp; If your foo measures 9::, order a X-Small (8 3/4::) o a Small (9::).&bsp; All Mukluks are made by had ad do vary slighly i he legh of he sole.&bsp;&bsp;IF YOU ARE HAVING A HARD TIME DECIDING WHAT SIZE YOU WILL NEED, SIMPLY SEND US A MESSAGE THRU EBAY PROVIDING US WITH THE LENGTH OF YOUR FOOT, AND WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHICH SIZE TO ORDER.PLEASE REMEMBER&bsp;~ These mukluks are HANDMADE. They are a good qualiy iem bu are o made o be perfec,&bsp;hey are compleely made by huma hads.&bsp;If you are lookig for a perfec, mass produced iem, hese mukluks are o wha you are lookig for. Small imperfecios are o be expeced ad oly add o he characer ad charm of hese mukluks.&bsp;I may spiriual radiios, ariss deliberaely leave a misake i a hadmade objec o sigify ha hey kow ha hey cao make perfecio; oly God is perfec. As he Naive Americas believe, oly he Grea Spiri is perfec ad hey ieioally make heir iems less ha perfec (o defecive i ayway!) o hoor he Grea Spiri. Mos creaors of hadmade iems follow his belief.Rig he bells ha ca rig.&bsp;Forge your perfec offerig.&bsp;There is a crack i everyhig.&bsp;Tha:s how he ligh ges i.These are o MUK LUK brad or Mukluk boos. They are HANDMADE mukluk syle kied socks ha are very warm ad comforable.&bsp; Everybody loves hem!PLEASE NOTE!&bsp;&bsp;Whe orderig muliple iems i our sore, please ::reques a oal:: before payig for your order so ha we may verify ha he combied shippig charges are correc.*********************************************************.:**:..:**:..:**:.Thaks! Laura & Seve.:**:..:**:..:**:.&bsp;