Discount Outlet Store BUNN CWTF 15 - 3 Coffee Brewer,2 Upper,1 Lower

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Seller Store Pages: grainger ✉️ (82802) 98.8%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 314117651261 Location: Minooka, Illinois, Ebay Item: 314117651261 Powered by Frooition All Items See our eBay store for more great items > > Shop Categories Business & Industrial CNC Brand: BUNN Start Time: 2022-08-23 23:14:34 End Time: 2022-11-23 23:14:34 Return Policy: Not Model: CWTF 15 - 3 Type: Coffee Makers Number of Cups: 12 MPN: CWTF 15-3 Color: Silver, Black,  MPN: CWTF153 Brand: BUNN Style: 3-Prong Features: Hot Water Tap, Auto Shut-off, Built-in Water Filter, Cup Warming Surface,  Material: Stainless Steel Power: 1800 W

Powered by Frooiio All Iems See our eBay sore for more grea iems > > Shop Caegories Busiess & Idusrial CNC Faseers Faciliy Maieace Hardware Hydraulics Mealworkig Maufacurig Plumbig Peumaics Pumps Safey Home & Garde Ceilig Fas Cleaig Home Improveme Household Supplies Lighig Tools & Equipme Yard & Oudoor Coffee Brewer,2 Upper,1 Lower Iem Descripio Auomaic Coffee Brewer, Brewig Rae 3.9 gph, Maximum Brewig Capaciy 64 fl oz, Number of Cups Produced 61, Overall Heigh 19 i, Overall Widh 8 3/8 i, Overall Deph 21 3/8 i, Color Black, Silver, Type Direc Lie, Number of Warmers 3, Plumbig Required Yes, Waage 1,670 W, Curre 13.9 A, Volage 120V AC, Power Source Elecric, Waer Fauce Yes, Plug Type 5-15P, Waer Ile 1/4 i Male Flare Fiig, Maerial Plasic, Sailess Seel, Produc Type Coffee BrewerThe 12-Cup auomaic coffee brewer icludes a ho waer fauce ad back-up pour-over feaure. The SplashGard(R) fuel deflecs ho liquids. The brewer feaures sailess seel cosrucio ad ieraioal elecrical cofiguraios. Plumbig coecio required. Mees NSF Sadards.Decaers sold separaely.BUNN&bsp;CWTF 15 - 3Graiger Par #:6DHA9 Helpful Liks Add o Favorie Sellers Sig up o Newsleer View Feedback Coac Seller Visi seller:s eBay Shop Abou Seller Page More Iems! View more grea iems! Please Read Please Read Reurs Terms of Sale Expor Terms Addiioal Please Read ATTENTION Ieraioal/No-US cusomers:We cao ship o a PO Box. We ship via DHL ad require a physical locaio o deliver o. Please provide a complee physical address i Eglish, wih a valid phoe umber, ad valid Coac ame for Delivery.Shippig fees are charged durig eBay Checkou. Duies ad Taxes, if applicable, are charged by your local goverme, ad will be colleced by DHL a he ime of Delivery. Please expec a phoe call or email from DHL o arrage delivery ad collecio of Duies ad VAT/sales ax.These iems are ieded o be used i Norh America. Power adapers ad oher modificaios may be ecessary for proper operaio i oher couries. Reurs Reurs Reurs are Fas ad Easy.&bsp; We accep reurs wihi 30 days of whe your order is delivered.&bsp;&bsp;Go o your order o ad click o ::Reques Reur::. Terms of Sale Terms of Sale TERMS of SALE I. GRAINGER STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS Please read hese erms ad codiios carefully. They coai impora iformaio cocerig cusomer?s (?Cusomer?) legal righs, warraies, obligaios ad available dispue resoluios remedies. They also provide ha if Graiger is uable o resolve ay maer o Cusomer?s saisfacio, Cusomer will exclusively use arbiraio o decide he dispue ad Cusomer will brig is claim solely o a idividual basis ad o i a class acio or represeaive proceedig. Graiger reserves he righ o revise hese Terms ad Codiios a ay ime. 2. Sales Tax. Cusomer is resposible for payme of all applicable sae ad local axes. 4. Produc Compliace ad Suiabiliy. Jurisdicios have varyig laws, codes ad regulaios goverig cosrucio, isallaio, ad/or use of producs for a paricular purpose. Cerai producs may o be available for sale i all areas. Graiger does o guaraee compliace or suiabiliy of he producs i sells wih ay laws, codes or regulaios, or does Graiger accep resposibiliy for cosrucio, isallaio ad/or use of a produc. I is Cusomer:s resposibiliy o review he produc applicaio ad all applicable laws, codes ad regulaios for each releva jurisdicio o be sure ha he cosrucio, isallaio, ad/or use ivolvig he producs are complia. 5. Modificaio of Terms. Graiger?s accepace of ay order is subjec o Cusomer?s asse o all of he erms ad codiios se forh herei. Cusomer:s asse o hese erms ad codiios shall be presumed from Cusomer:s receip of Graiger?s ackowledgme, or from Cusomer?s accepace of all or ay par of he producs ordered. No addiios or modificaios of Graiger?s erms ad codiios by Cusomer shall be bidig upo Graiger, uless agreed o i wriig by a auhorized represeaive of Graiger. If a purchase order or oher correspodece submied by Cusomer coais erms or codiios corary or i addiio o he erms ad codiios coaied herei or i Graiger?s ackowledgme, Graiger?s fulfillme of ay such purchase order shall o be cosrued as asse o ay of he erms ad codiios proposed by Cusomer, ad will o cosiue a waiver by Graiger of ay of he erms ad codiios coaied herei or i Graiger?s ackowledgme. Graiger reserves he righ o accep or rejec ay order. Graiger reserves he righ o limi he oal quaiy of iems purchased per order ad he umber of idividual orders placed per Cusomer per day. 6. Complee Agreeme. The erms ad codiios i: (i) Graiger?s forms; (ii) ackowledgmes; (iii) quoaios; (iv) ivoices; (v) web sies; (vi) caalogs; ad (vii) exesio of credi are icorporaed herei by referece, ad cosiue he eire ad exclusive agreeme bewee Cusomer ad Graiger. 7. Auhorizaio. Busiess Cusomers represe ha ay perso accepig hese Terms of Sale o behalf of he Busiess Cusomer is auhorized o do so ad ha all employees ad represeaives of he Busiess Cusomer who access or ay oher Graiger websie or applicaio o behalf of he Busiess Cusomer or oherwise purchase producs from Graiger o behalf of Busiess Cusomer have he legal righ, ad are duly auhorized, o make such purchases ad furher auhorized o eer io agreemes relaig o he purchase of producs or services or o obai pricig or discous from Graiger o behalf of Busiess Cusomer. Busiess Cusomers hereby agree o idemify ad hold Graiger harmless agais ay breach of his represeaio. Expor Terms Expor Terms ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS RELATED TO EXPORT OF GRAINGER PRODUCTS IN ADDITION TO THE STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN SECTION I, EXPORT SALES OF GRAINGER PRODUCTS WILL BE GOVERNED BY THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS RELATED TO EXPORT OF GRAINGER PRODUCTS (?ADDITIONAL EXPORT TERMS?). IN THE EVENT OF A CONFLICT BETWEEN GRAINGER?S STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN SECTION I AND THE ADDITIONAL EXPORT TERMS IN SECTION III, THE ADDITIONAL TERMS IN SECTION III SHALL PREVAIL FOR EXPORT SALES OF GRAINGER PRODUCTS. &bsp; 1. Order Accepace. Cusomer ackowledges ha o order shall be deemed acceped uless ad uil i is verified ad acceped by Graiger, or ay of is U.S. affiliaes ad divisios, a a coieal U.S. faciliy or a ay of is websies. Cusomer furher coses ha submissio of is order shall subjec Cusomer o he jurisdicio of he federal cours of he U.S. ad of he Sae where accepace occurred i he U.S. &bsp; 2. Sales Tax ad Duies, Impor Fees. Graiger is required o charge U.S. federal, sae, local ax, applicable duies, ad impor fees o producs, or for providig a valid exempio cerificae. Cusomer assumes resposibiliy for, ad ucodiioally guaraees payme or reimburseme of, all applicable axes, fees, liceses, impor duies, ad expeses as may be applicable. Whe placig a order, Cusomer shall idicae which producs are ax exemp. &bsp; 3. Expor Corols ad Relaed Regulaios. Cusomer represes ad warras ha i is o desigaed o, or associaed wih, ay pary desigaed o ay of he U.S. goverme resriced paries liss, icludig wihou limiaio, he U.S. Commerce Deparme Bureau of Idusry ad Securiy (?BIS?) Deied Persos Lis; Eiy Lis or Uverified Lis; he U.S. Treasury Deparme Office of Foreig Asses Corol (?OFAC?) Specially Desigaed Naioals ad Blocked Persos Lis; or he U.S. Sae Deparme Direcorae of Defese Trade Corols (?DDTC?) Debarred Paries Lis. Cusomer shall comply wih all applicable U.S. ecoomic sacios ad expor corol laws ad regulaios, icludig wihou limiaio, he regulaios admiisered by OFAC, he Expor Admiisraio Regulaios (?EAR?) admiisered by BIS, ad he Ieraioal Traffic i Arms Regulaios admiisered by DDTC. &bsp; 4. Foreig Pricipal Pary i Ieres; Freigh Forwarder ad Documeaio. I is specifically agreed ha Cusomer shall be he foreig pricipal pary i ieres (?FPPI?) ad/or ha is freigh forwarder shall ac as Cusomer:s age i such capaciy for purposes of he Foreig Trade Regulaios or oher regulaory purposes, ad Cusomer ad is freigh forwarder are resposible for all roued expor rasacios documeaio, icludig bu o limied o he filig of he required Elecroic Expor Iformaio/Auomaed Expor Sysem records. A Graiger?s reques, Cusomer or is freigh forwarder shall provide copies of ay expor, shippig, or impor documeaio prepared by Cusomer or is freigh forwarder relaed o sales o Cusomer by Graiger. I he eve a licese is required for expor from he U.S., he (i) Graiger reserves he righ o selec is ow freigh forwarder o faciliae ad file he expor licese; or (ii) he FPPI will provide Graiger wrie oice ha i expressly assumes resposibiliy for deermiig licesig requiremes ad obaiig he licese, hereby makig he U.S. age of he FPPI he exporer of record for purposes of meeig EAR requiremes. 6. Coury of Imporaio ad Ai-diversio. Cusomer represes ha i is purchasig producs from he U.S. ad imporig hem o he coury for he use of he ulimae cosigee specified i he Cusomer ad Graiger documeaio. Cusomer agrees ha he producs will o be resold, rasferred, or oherwise disposed of, o ay oher coury or o ay perso oher ha he auhorized ulimae cosigee or ed-user(s), eiher i heir origial form or afer beig icorporaed io oher iems, wihou firs obaiig approval from he U.S. goverme or as oherwise auhorized by U.S. law ad regulaios. Ay commodiies, echology ad sofware will be expored from he U.S. i accordace wih he U.S. Expor Admiisraio Regulaios ad oher applicable laws or regulaios. Diversio corary o U.S. law is prohibied. If requesed by Graiger, Cusomer shall provide documeaio saisfacory o Graiger verifyig delivery a he desigaed coury, he ideiy of ed users orderig producs from Cusomer ad he erms ad codiios upo which such ed users reques producs o be supplied. Cusomer furher agrees o iform Graiger a he ime of order of ay Norh America Free Trade Agreeme or oher special documeaio, packagig or produc markig or labelig, bu Graiger shall o be resposible for providig ay such documeaio, packagig, markig or labelig oher ha such documes ha are ecessary uder U.S. expor laws ad regulaios for expor, uless Graiger expressly agrees o do so. &bsp; 7. Permis, Expor, ad Impor Liceses. Cusomer shall be resposible for obaiig ay liceses or oher official auhorizaios ha may be required by he coury of imporaio. Whe he Cusomer is desigaed as he U.S. Pricipal Pary of Ieres, he Cusomer shall be resposible for obaiig liceses uder he EAR, Ieraioal Traffic i Arms Regulaios, Toxic Subsaces Corol Ac, or oher applicable laws or regulaios. If he Cusomer is he FPPI, he he erms coaied i subsecio 6 of his Secio III shall apply. &bsp; 8. Goverig Law; Limiaios. The righs ad obligaios of he paries uder hese erms ad codiios shall o be govered by he provisios of he 1980 Uied Naios Coveio of Coracs for he Ieraioal Sale of Goods or he Uied Naios Coveio o he Limiaio Period i he Ieraioal Sale of Goods. Raher, hese erms ad codiios shall be govered by he laws of he Sae of Illiois, U.S., icludig is provisios of he Uiform Commercial Code, bu excludig is coflic of law rules. Nowihsadig he foregoig, ay legal acio by Cusomer wih respec o ay rasacio mus be commeced wihi oe (1) year afer he cause of acio has arise. Addiioal Addiioal