Low Price Online Store Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Silver Aluminum Case White Sport Band (GPS + CELL)

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Seller Store Pages: hampdood ✉️ (6535) 97.5%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 115578505952 Location: Brooklyn, New York, Ebay Item: 115578505952 Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Silver Aluminum Case Black Sport Band (GPS + CELL)Watch working perfectly, it shows clear signs of use (scratches and nicks). Comes with charger in bulk p Brand: Apple Start Time: 2022-10-25 02:36:37 End Time: 2022-11-25 02:36:37 Return Policy: Not Case Color: Silver MPN: MWVY2LL/A Network: Unlocked Case Size: 1.73in. Operating System: Apple Watch OS Storage Capacity: 32 GB Case Material: Aluminum Brand: Apple Band Color: White Features: Bluetooth Enabled, 4G Data Capable, Blood Pressure Monitor, Accelerometer, GPS,  Series: Apple Watch Series 5 Band Material: Aluminum Model: A2095 Compatible Operating System: iOS - Apple MPN: MWVY2LLA Product Condition Description: Watch working perfectly, it shows clear signs of use (scratches and nicks). Comes with charger in bulk packaging.

Apple Wach Series 5 44mm Silver Alumium Case Black Spor Bad (GPS + CELL)Wach workig perfecly, i&bsp;shows&bsp;clear sigs of use&bsp;(scraches ad icks).&bsp;Comes wih charger i bulk packagig.FEDEX 2ND DAY AIR FOR $16.99 (CHOOSE AT CHECKOUT)&bsp;SHIPS FAST SAME OR NEXT BUSINESS DAYFREE 30 DAY SELLER RETURNS---overviewSay coeced, healhy, ad safe wih he Apple Wach Series 5. You ierface wih all of he Series 5:s feaures ad he wachOS hrough is 44mm curved wach face wih a LTPO OLED always-o Reia display. Wih a always-o scree i low-brighess, you ca quickly glace a he wach face for he ime, workou sas, ad more. If you lif your wris, he scree will auomaically come back o full brighess. The case also feaures a digial crow wih hapic feedback, ad a hear rae moior ha:s capable of recordig your ow ECG.The hear rae moior is joied by fall deecio ad SOS emergecy fucios o help keep you safe while you:re ou for a ru or a home doig chores. These feaures ca deec elevaed hear raes, which ca clue you io possible healh issues, as well as deecig if you:ve ake a hard fall. If you do, he Apple Wach gives you he opporuiy o coac emergecy services ad emergecy coacs for help.Sayig healhy is a he core of he Apple Wach Series 5. The Aciviy Rigs feaure provides you wih hree rigs ha correspod o moveme, exercise, ad sadig. They moivae you o keep mobile hroughou he day ad close your rigs o achieve persoal goals. The Apple Wach also racks your workous. I ca auomaically deec ha you:ve sared o exercise, prompig you o acivae he Workou app for sa rackig, measurig calories bured, ad much more.The Apple Wach Series 5 keeps you i ouch wih he world aroud you. Uilizig boh Wi-Fi ad Blueooh wireless echologies, he Apple Wach becomes a exesio of your iPhoe. View ad respod o ex messages, ge oificaios, avigae via GPS, ierac wih Siri, make ad ake hads-free calls, ad more. Eve wih a always-o display, he Series 5 smarwach is made o deliver up o 18 hours of baery life, ad is waer-resisa up o 164:, so you ca wear i all day i ay kid of weaher.Cellular Carrier SupporCoecig he Apple Wach Series 5 o a cellular ework requires ha i share he same carrier as your iPhoe. Please oe ha some carriers may suppor he iPhoe, bu o he Apple Wach. Please cofirm wih your carrier ha i suppors Apple Wach o heir ework. Currely, he Series 5 is suppored by AT&T, Verizo, Spri, ad T-Mobile. Also oe ha cellular coeciviy of he Apple Wach is seup idepedely of your iPhoe. For ay oher quesios regardig cellular fucioaliy i regards o he Apple Wach, please coac your cellular provider.Proec Your Ears wih Noise AppWih Apple:s Noise app o he Series 5 smarwach, you will be oified whe ambie souds rise o levels ha ca egaively impac your hearig. Measured i decibels, you:ll ge a shor descripio of how bad he oise ca be, so you ca close a widow, lower he volume, or leave a area for quieer surroudigs.Mesrual Cycle AppWih he Cycle Trackig app, he Apple Wach Series 5 gives wome he abiliy o rack heir cycle ad log impora iformaio, such as irregulariies ad sympoms o keep abs o heir overall healh ad have more iformed coversaios wih heir docor.Buil-I CompassThe Series 5 feaures a buil-i compass ha ca be used wih is ow app, as par of he Maps app, ad oher 3rd pary apps ha iegrae he fucioaliy. Kowig exacly which direcio you:re facig is a icredibly useful feaure o have wheher you:re o he hikig rail or avigaig local srees dowow.Geerae a ECG Ayime, AywhereThe buil-i iaium elecrode i he digial crow ad he sapphire crysal elecroic hear sesor o he back of he Apple Wach gives you he abiliy o record your ow ECG, or elecrocardiogram. I:s similar o a sigle-lead elecrocardiogram ad akes oly 30 secods o creae. Jus ouch he digial crow ad he Apple Wach geeraes your ECG waveform i approximaely 30 secods.The ECG app is mea o help you deec wheher you:re hear:s beaig a a ormal sius rhyhm, or if your rhyhm shows sigs of irregulariy, or arial fibrillaio. Your ECGs are sored i he Healh app o your iPhoe ad you ca share hem wih your docor.Hear Rae SesorThe opical hear sesor o he back of he Apple Wach is desiged o measure ad record your hear rae. Irregular hear rhyhms (arrhyhmias), high hear raes, ad low hear raes, ca all be idicaors of a possible uderlyig problem. The Apple Wach is egieered o moior his readig ad aler you o ay irregulariies.Fall DeecioThe Apple Wach Series 5 feaures a updaed acceleromeer ad gyroscope ha ca deec wheher you:ve falle. If a fall occurs, he Apple Wach delivers a o-scree promp where you ca swipe o have i call emergecy services or dismiss i. Afer 60 secods of uresposiveess, he Apple Wach will place he call auomaically ad sed a message o your emergecy coacs.Emergecy SOSEmergecy SOS allows you o quickly ge help. I calls 911, oifies your emergecy coacs, seds your curre locaio, ad displays your Medical ID badge o he scree for emergecy persoel. Sice his Apple Wach Series 5 suppors cellular access, i ca coac may ieraioal emergecy services umbers as well as 911, eve if you:re o ear your iPhoe.ComplicaiosYou ca cusomize your wach face wih muliple complicaios, which are lile icos ha are desiged o acivae apps or provide iformaio. The Series 5 ifograph wach face ca display up o eigh complicaios, icludig complicaios wih curved progress bars ad gauges.Aciviy RigsThree aciviy rigs o he Apple Wach Series 5 are desiged o help you measure all of he ways you move hroughou he day. As you move, each rig begis o close, givig you addiioal moivaio o close your rigs ad icrease mobiliy.Move: The Move rig racks he acive calories you bur. Acive calories are he oes you bur hrough all kids of moveme, from akig he sairs a work o playig wih he kids.Exercise: The Exercise rig shows you how may miues of brisk aciviy you:ve doe, wheher you:re workig ou or jus movig a a fas pace.Sad: Siig oo much has he poeial o coribue o healh problems over ime. This rig is desiged o keep rack of he amou of imes you sad hroughou he day.Workou AppWih he Workou app, he Apple Wach Series 5 les you rack your workou progress, se idividual goals, ad measure your calorie bur. For ruers, a cadece meric les you see your seps per miue, ad pace alers gele aps you o le you kow if you:re behid or ahead of where you wa o be. Also, rollig pace cosaly updaes, allowig you o see your spli for he precedig mile a ay ime. I addiio o ruig, he app ca rack a wide variey of workou ypes, such as cyclig, yoga, swimmig ad more. I eve has wo specific wheelchair workous.Auomaic Workou DeecioIf you sar a workou, sesors wihi he Apple Wach will promp you o sar he Workou app. I will eve give you credi for he exercise you:ve already sared. I will also remid you o ed your workou.Addiioal Workou FeauresPool Swim: Auomaically records splis ad ses ad c1a recogize your srokeOpe Waer Swim: Visualizes your roue o a map, ad precisely racks acive calories, disace, ad overall paceElevaio Gai: Whe oudoors, he Series 5 ca give you your curre elevaioGym Equipme: Pair he Series 5 wih compaible gym equipme o rack esseial mericsTreds: Les you kow if your merics are headed up or dow over imeCompeiio: Compee wih a fried over a 7-day compeiio, earig pois based o perceage of Aciviy Rigs you closeApple PayCharge purchases o your credi or debi card simply by acivaig Apple Pay ad holdig your wach o a compaible checkou reader. You ca also sed or receive Apple Pay Cash via he Messages app. No maer how you use i, Apple Pay is desiged o keep your fiacial iformaio compleely privae ad secure.Sream Music & AudioKeep your workous fresh ad ejoyable by sreamig your favorie audio wih he Apple Wach Series 5. The Series 5 has access o he Apple Music library, leig you sream your favorie albums, podcass, ad audiobooks.App Sore AccessThe Apple Wach Series 5 has he abiliy o direcly access he App Sore from is display.Breahe App ad Wach FaceWih he Series 5, he Breahe app is available as a wach face, i eiher Classic, Focus, or Calm. I is desiged o keep you ceered by akig you hrough a series of calmig breahs.