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Seller Store Pages: eternalphoto ✉️ (20632) 91.1%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 144782462613 Location: Brooklyn, New York, Ebay Item: 144782462613 Apple Watch Series 5 40mm/44mm GPS WiFi + LTE Cellular Sport Band USED Excellent Brand: Apple Start Time: 2022-10-26 03:40:53 End Time: 2022-11-26 03:40:53 Return Policy: Not Features: GPS Case Size: 40 mm Storage Capacity: 32 GB Series: Apple Watch Series 5 Country/Region of Manufacture: China Case Material: Aluminum Network: Unlocked Model: Apple Watch Series 5 Band Material: Fluoroelastomer Compatible Operating System: iOS - Apple Operating System: Apple Watch OS Brand: Apple

Apple Wach Series 5 40mm/44mm GPS WiFi + LTE Cellular Spor Bad USED Excelle &bsp;Produc Descripio &bsp; Always-O Reia display. You o loger eed o raise your wris or ouch he scree o see he ime or oher iformaio o your wach face, because he display ever sleeps. So wheher ridig a bike, crakig ou some cruches, or couig he miues i a meeig, all you eed o do is glace o fid he ime or your workou merics righ here where you wa&bsp;hem. A scree as remarkable as he day is&bsp;log. To remai o all day wih all-day baery life, hardware ad sofware have o work i harmoy. The display dims whe your wris is dow, ye key feaures, like wach hads, remai visible a all imes. Touchig he face or raisig your wris brigs everyhig back o full&bsp;brilliace. Ulra-low-power LTPO display. Ulra-low-power LTPO display. The low emperaure poly-silico ad oxide display feaures a reiveed pixel archiecure ha les he scree refresh rae dip from 60Hz o a power-sippig 1Hz whe he wach is iacive. A ew low-power driver, ulra-efficie power maageme, ad a ew ambie ligh sesor work ogeher so he display ca say always o wih up o 18 hours of baery&bsp;life. Compass ad locaio feaures. A buil-i mageomeer deecs mageic orh he auomaically adjuss o show rue orh, so youll ow kow which way youre facig i he Maps app. GPS works i cojucio wih errai daa o ell you your curre elevaio grea for oudoor&bsp;workous. ECG o your wris. Ayime, aywhere. Wih he ECG app, Apple&bsp;Wach Series&bsp;5 is capable of geeraig a ECG similar o a siglelead elecrocardiogram. Is a momeous achieveme for a wearable device ha ca provide criical daa for docors ad peace of mid for&bsp;you. Your figer ca ell you a lo abou your&bsp;hear. Elecrodes buil io he Digial Crow ad he back crysal work ogeher wih he ECG app o read your hears elecrical sigals. Simply ouch he Digial Crow o geerae a ECG waveform i jus 30 secods. The ECG app ca idicae wheher your hear rhyhm shows sigs of arial fibrillaio a serious form of irregular hear rhyhm or sius rhyhm, which meas your hear is beaig i a ormal&bsp;paer. I has your hear i&bsp;mid. Uusually high or low hear raes ad irregular hear rhyhms (kow as arrhyhmias) could be sigs of a serious codiio. Bu may people do recogize he sympoms, so he uderlyig causes ofe go udiagosed. Wih oificaios i he Hear Rae app, Apple&bsp;Wach Series&bsp;5 ca check your hear ad aler you o hese irregulariies so you ca ake acio ad cosul your&bsp;docor. Track your cycle wih a&bsp;ap. The Cycle Trackig App gives you isigh io your mesrual cycle ad ca help provide a clearer picure of your overall healh. I addiio o simply esurig ha youre prepared, youll have more iformaio o help you rack irregulariies ad sympoms ad erich discussios wih your&bsp;docor. Safe from soud. Noise ca rise o levels ha may impac your hearig wihou your eve realizig i. The ew Noise app seses whe he roar of he crowd or he rumble of machiery reaches a level ha may pose a risk. So you ca sep ou or plug up o give your ears a eeded&bsp;break. Take a breaher. Takig momes hroughou he day o sop, relax, ad pracice midfuless ca help reduce sress ad improve overall healh. The Breahe app keeps you ceered by leadig you hrough a series of calmig breahs. Is also available as a wach face, so you ca brig focus o your day jus by raisig your wris. Fall deecio. Apple&bsp;Wach Series&bsp;5 ca deec ha youve falle. Whe a icide like his occurs, a hard fall aler is delivered, ad you ca easily iiiae a call o emergecy services or dismiss he aler. If youre uresposive afer 60 secods, he emergecy call will be placed auomaically. Your emergecy coacs will he be oified ad se your&bsp;locaio. Three rigs. Oe&bsp;goal. Udersadig all he ways you move hroughou he day is a esseial par of livig a healhy life. Apple&bsp;Wach shows your daily moveme as hree simple merics: Move, Exercise, ad Sad. Togeher hey make up he Aciviy rigs ha rack your progress all day log. Bu Apple&bsp;Wach does jus show you how youre doig, i also keeps you goig wih moivaio from persoal coachig, awards, ad Aciviy Compeiios. Is everyhig you eed o say fired up o close your rigs&bsp;365.&bsp; &bsp; &bsp; &bsp; &bsp; &bsp; &bsp; &bsp;The produc is pre-owed, fully fucioal, ad i excelle codiio. Backed by a 90-day&bsp; Guaraee.This pre-owed produc has bee professioally ispeced, esed ad cleaed by qualified vedors. I is o cerified by Apple.This produc is i ::Excelle codiio::. The scree ad body show o sigs of cosmeic damage visible from 12 iches away.This produc will have a baery ha exceeds 80% capaciy relaive o ew.Feaures : Buil-i GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, ad QZSS, S5 wih 64-bi dual-core processor, W3 Apple wireless chip, Baromeric alimeer, Capaciy 32GB, Opical hear sesor, Elecrical hear sesor, Improved acceleromeer up o 32 gforces, Improved gyroscope, Ambie ligh sesor, LTPO OLED Always-O Reia display wih Force Touch (1000 is), Digial Crow wih hapic feedback, Louder speaker, Io-X sregheed glass, Sapphire crysal ad ceramic back, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/ 2.4GHz, Blueooh 5.0, Buil-i rechargeable lihium-io baery, Up o 18 hours of baery life, Waer resisa 50 meers*, wachOS 5*Refurbished producs are o guaraeed o be waerproof. &bsp; Wha:s&bsp;i he Box? &bsp; Apple Wach Series 5Spors Rubber BadGeeric Apple Wach USB Chargig Cable &bsp; Coac us We ca be coaced a ay ime hrough eBay messages if you have ay quesios, commes or produc requess. We will respod o you wihi 24 hours ad do our bes o help you ou! We ecourage our cusomers o coac us wih ay quesios or cocers! We:d like o be sure you are compleely saisfied wih your purchase. Payme Immediae payme is required for all rasacios so ha we may begi processig ad shippig your order as soo as possible. Please cofirm ha all of your payme ad billig iformaio is correc before fializig your purchase. Shippig FREE 2 DAY AIR SHIPPING o all orders shipped wihi he U.S.&bsp; Warray Our SELLER REFURBISHED producs have a 90 days limied warray. Physical ad Waer Damage is o covered uder his Warray. &bsp;