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Seller Store Pages: peacedeals2010 ✉️ (4491) 99.0%% , Location: US Ships to: US, Item: 284438616439 Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Ebay Item: 284438616439 Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa - Black Amazon Brown Box  Compact 2.5:: smart display with Alexa ready to help Alexa is always happy to help - Manage your day. Get instant Brand: Amazon Start Time: 2021-09-04 21:23:18 End Time: 2022-12-04 21:23:18 Return Policy: Not System Configuration: 1 + Subwoofer Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa MPN: B073SQYXTW Color: Black Brand: Amazon Connectivity: Bluetooth Features: Wi-Fi, Music, Internet Radio, With Voice Control,  Type: Smart Assistant Model: Amazon Echo Spot Product Condition Description: Renewed directly from Amazon to new condition in Amazon Brown Box

Echo Spo - Smar Alarm Clock wih Alexa - Black Amazo Brow Box&bsp; Compac 2.5:: smar display wih Alexa ready o help Alexa is always happy o help - Maage your day. Ge isa iformaio. Check weaher ad raffic o your way ou. Voice corol your music - Ask Alexa o play music ad see lyrics wih Amazo Music. Also, sream music from Apple Music, Spoify, Padora, ad oher music services, or books from Audible. Corol your smar home - Voice corol compaible devices or maage hem o he easy-o-use display. Ask Alexa o show you securiy cameras, corol lighs, ad adjus hermosas. Coec wih video callig ad messagig - Make video calls o family ad frieds wih Skype, he Alexa app, a Echo Spo, or Echo Show. Alexa has skills - Wih es of housads of skills ad couig, Alexa is always geig smarer ad addig ew skills like rackig fiess, playig games, ad more. Desiged o proec your privacy - Elecroically discoec he microphoes ad camera wih oe press of a buo. &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Echo Spo brigs you everyhig you love abou Alexa, i a sylish ad compac desig ha ca show you higs. Jus ask o see he weaher, ge he ews wih a video flash briefig, se a alarm, see lyrics wih Amazo Music, see your caledar, browse ad lise o Audible audiobooks, ad more. Persoalize your Spo wih a collecio of clock faces o sui your syle or se a phoo backgroud from Prime Phoos. Plus, make calls o frieds ad family or make video calls o ayoe wih a Echo Spo, Echo Show, or he Alexa App. &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Echo Spo feaures far-field echology wih four microphoes, beamformig echology, ad ehaced oise cacellaio, so i ca hear you from across he room-eve while music is playig. &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Echo Spo provides hads-free voice corol for your music. Wach as he display comes alive o show sog lyrics, cusom saios, curaed playliss, ad album ar wih&bsp;Amazo music You ca also lise o audiobooks from Audible, podcass, radio saios, ews briefs, ad more. &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Echo Spo also coecs o Apple Music, Spoify, Padora, SiriusXM, TueI, ad iHearRadiogivig you voice corol for all of your music. Echo Spo is Blueooh-eabled so you ca sream oher popular music services. &bsp; Corol your smar home &bsp; &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Use Echo Spo o see a live camera feed from he ursery or your fro door. Tur o he fa or dim he lighs from he couch-all wihou lifig a figer. Corol muliple devices a scheduled imes or wih a sigle voice commad, like lockig he doors ad urig off he lighs whe you go o bed. &bsp; &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; Echo Spo works wih smar home devices such as cameras, lighs, TVs, fas, hermosas, garages, spriklers, ad more.&bsp;Lear more abou compaible smar home coeced devices from brads such as Rig, WeMo, Philips Hue, SmarThigs, ecobee, Wik, ad ohers. &bsp;&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; You ca also eable Alexa Guard o ge Smar Alers if your Echo device deecs he soud of smoke alarms, carbo mooxide alarms, or glass breakig.&bsp; &bsp; Desiged o proec your privacy Alexa ad Echo devices are buil wih muliple layers of privacy proecio. For example, o Echo Spo, you ca ur he camera ad microphoes off wih oe press of a buo. You also have corol over your voice recordigs. You ca view, hear, or delee hem a ay ime.&bsp; Be ogeher more Make hads-free voice calls o almos ayoe, or video calls o frieds ad family wih Skype, he Alexa app, a Echo Spo, or Echo Show. Use he Drop I feaure whe you wa o coec isaly wih oher compaible Echo devices i your home. For example, you ca drop i o ask wha ime dier will be ready, see he baby:s ursery, or check i wih a close relaive. Wih Alexa Aoucemes you ca also use Echo Spo o broadcas a quick, oe-way message o all oher Echo devices i your home.&bsp; Makig calls wih Alexa is easy. Se up your voice profile ad each Alexa o recogize your voice. Whe you say, Alexa, call Mom, Alexa will call your mom, eve if you have muliple users i your home. Wih he Alexa App, coversaios ad coacs go where you go. Whe you:re away from home, use he app o make a quick call or sed a message o your family:s Echo. Alexa has skills Echo uses es of housads of skills ad couig. Skills are like apps ad help you do more wih your device, like es your rivia kowledge wih Jeopardy!, fid your ier Ze wih Headspace, rack your fiess wih Fibi, fall asleep o ambie souds, play games, ad more. Is easy o ge sared jus say Alexa, help me ge sared wih skills. New skills are beig added all he ime. Discover skills ad see raigs ad reviews i he skill secio of he Alexa app or by visiig he&bsp;skill homepage. You ca also creae your ow cusom Alexa resposes i miues by usig&bsp;Alexa Skill Bluepris creae your ow Alexa Skills &bsp; Desiged for ay room Echo Spo is small ad compac, ad fis easily io ay room of your home. The compac size ad viewig agle of he scree make Echo Spo ideal for use o a ighsad or desk as a smar alarm clock ha ca also ur your lighs o ad off, show your commue ime, ge he weaher, or show your caledar. Or use Spo i he kiche o easily se ad see imers, call frieds ad family, see shoppig ad o do liss, ad more. Echo Spo ca coec direcly o speakers usig a 3.5 mm sereo cable or Blueooh o add voice corol o your home sereo sysem i he livig room or de. Plus, wih muli-room music, play your favories hroughou your home across muliple Echo devices (Blueooh o suppored for muli-room music).